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Welcome To Online Hindustani - Instrumental

Sitar, sarod and other plucked instruments:

Level 1 :

• About the instrument and how to strum it. 
• Playing of da and ra sound.
• Playing of Alankars along with vigorous practice sessions for obtaining speed and precision of notes. 
• Playing simple gats.

Level 2:

• Tuning the instrument
• Playing alap and a brief and simple jod and madhyalaya and drut gats.

Level 3:

• Playing  jhala
• Playing meend and gamaks
* Learn more gats in many more ragas.

Level 4:

• Playing vilambit and drut gats with elaborate alaps, jod, jhala and super-fast jhala.
* Will be taught thumris, too.  
* Will be trained to give a concert.

Bow instrument Violin and Sarangi

Level 1:

• Introduction to the instrument
• Bowing techniques
* Fingering the fret-less instrument to get the correct notes. 
* Alankars
• Training for the co-ordination of both hands while playing
• Tuning the instrument
* simple gats

Level 2 :

• Alap and jod
• Madhyalaya and drut gats in some ragas
* Learning to play meend and gamaks.

Level 3 :

• Playing alap, jod, jhala, vilambit, madhyalaya and drut gats in various ragas.
* Playing staccato and vibrato notes
* Advanced bowing techniques.

Wind instrument Flute and Shehnai

Level 1 :

• Basic concepts
• Blowing, fingering and breath control techniques
• Alankars
* Gats

Level 2:

• Playing of some more madhyalaya and drut gats in different ragas, alap and jod

Level 3:

• Alap, jod, jhala, vilambit, madhyalaya and drut gats in various ragas and taals and some light dhuns or tunes in preparation for a concert.

Percussion instruments of Tabla and Pakhawaj

Level 1:

• Introduction to the tabla, how and from which part of the tabla (right hand drum) and dagga (left hand drum) and the pakhawaj are different sounds      or bols (syllables) produced. 
• Posture and fingering
• Basic sollus (dha, din tha, tin)
* playing of Teen Taal

Level 2:

• Playing different taals
• Playing parans and tukdas
* Playing relas
* Playing dugun, tigun and chaugun

Level 3:

• Accompanying vocal and instrumental recitals as well as dance concerts
* Training for solo recital